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Information about how the data for this report were obtained:
For Consumer Satisfaction - CAHPS (AHRQ):
  1. https://www.cahps.ahrq.gov
Information about general health:
  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - http://www.cdc.gov
  2. Check Your Health - http://www.checkyourhealth.org
  3. MyHealthCare in Utah - http://health.utah.gov/myhealthcare
Information about the heart and lungs:
  1. American Heart Association - http://www.americanheart.org
  2. American Lung Association - http://www.lungusa.org
  3. Utah Department of Health, Bureau of Health Promotion - http://health.utah.gov/bhp/
Information about reproductive health and maternity:
  1. Utah Department of Health, Reproductive Health Program - http://health.utah.gov/rhp/
Information about diabetes:
  1. American Diabetes Association -http://www.diabetes.org
  2. Utah Diabetes Prevention and Control Program - http://health.utah.gov/diabetes/