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Databyte: A Snapshot of Hip and Knee Replacements and Cost in Utah

By: Laurel Galli-Graves & Brantley Scott According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, hips and knees are the two most commonly replaced joints.[1] Both of these surgeries are […]

Databyte: A Snapshot of Hospitalizations and Costs of EVALI in Utah

By: Brantley Scott According to Yale Medicine[1], e-cigarette and vaping associated lung illness (EVALI) is defined as a significant medical condition in which a patient’s lungs become injured from ingredients […]

DataByte: COVID-19’s Impact on Mail Order Prescriptions and Days Supplied

By: Brantley Scott Originally Published: May 28th 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic affected Utahns in many ways, from work arrangements, how we shop, and regular religious and social gatherings. Health care, […]

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