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89.4% of Utahns have some form of health insurance to help offset the cost of their health care. Choosing between different types of coverage, as well as different health plans, can be quite difficult. Knowing how satisfied a health planís own members are can be a very useful tool in making this decision. The 2011 Health Plan Consumer Satisfaction Report contains information about how satisfied each health planís own members are with the care they are receiving. This information comes from an annual survey entitled the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS).

CAHPS asks many questions about the health care a member receives, including:

Health Plan RatingsHealth Care RatingsDoctor RatingsSpecialist RatingsGetting Care Quickly
Getting Needed CareDoctor CommunicationCustomer ServiceClaims Processing

How satisfied are Utahns with their health plans?

Each of the following sections contains information about how satisfied Utahns are with their health plan. State and National averages (where available) are also provided for further comparisons.

Health Maintenance Organizations:Approximately 28% of Utahns are insured with an HMO. There are several different types of HMOS, but generally, HMOs use networks of doctors to provide health care.
Preferred Provider Organizations: Approximately 35% of Utahns are insured with a PPO. PPOs also have networks, however members can leave the network to receive health care at additional cost, and/or receive fewer benefits.
Childrenís Health Insurance Program: CHIP is a federal and state form of health insurance for children. Members of CHIP must meet strict cost and family size requirements.
Medicaid: Medicaid is also a joint federal and state form of health insurance. The financial requirements are stricter than CHIP, but it is not limited to only children.