Bilateral Knee Joint Replacement            
 (APR-DRG 302)  
  Average Hospital Charges for Adults 18 Years and Older, Utah, 2007
  Level of Illness
  Minor/Moderate Major/Extreme
Hospital  Patients   Patients Average Charge  
 Utah Overall 296 $50,848 14 $61,590  
Table Legend State average hospital length of stay
< 5 = 1 to 4 patients Minor/Moderate is 3.8 days
  Major/Extreme is 6.1 days.
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Level of Illness: Compared to patients with minor/moderate level of illness, patients with major/extreme level of illness are likely to have more serious conditions that require more complex treatment.   
Average Charge: The average dollars for hospital services for which patients were billed at a particular hospital.  The charge does not include physicians' professional fees or patient personal costs.