New HealthScape Website for Cost & Quality Info

After months of data analysis and website design work, the Office of Health Care Statistics and HealthInsight, its partner on health care cost transparency and outreach, are pleased to announce the launch of the new UtahHealthScape website.

Found at, the site offers an easy way to explore a variety of health care needs that Utahns are concerned about. You can find information on hospitals, home care, clinics, and nursing homes based on location, quality (based on national standards), and general cost for services. These tools will aide users in knowing what choices are available, help in making informed decisions about cost, and allow for shopping of needed services.

When talking about the website and its utility, Charles Hawley, lead analyst for the Office of Health Care Statistics, said, “Utahns want tools to gather information on health care services they receive for common conditions at clinics and hospitals. We started this project by asking how much it costs to have a baby in Utah, which many people care about in our great state. We are excited that the new UtahHealthScape site expands the health care cost and quality information to even more topics of interest for the public.”

Please visit the new website at to explore this resource for yourself!